Availability? Attiture is custom made to your specifications, and perfection takes a bit longer. Please be patient – you’ll have a lifetime to enjoy your Attiture.

Renderings? We use renderings rather than photos so you can envision Attiture in your space.  However, we do like the idea of pics of happy couples drinking champagne and a scenic background, so we’ve set up mydeck@attiture.com, so you can send us photos of you with your Attiture. If we like your photo and want to use it for promotions, we’ll ask you to sign a release & you’ll get paid $500.

It’s a Series? For those of you that carefully read the product description: “first in our Stellature Series”, KUDOS! Yes, there are more models than Mercury, but like the planet, Mercury is the hottest. Over the next several months, we’ll be introducing Venus to Pluto.  Thanks for your patience. BTW…we consider Pluto a planet, as does astronomer Alan Stern, so take that dwarf planeteers!  

What is the pronged fixture under the tabletop frame? This pronged fixture is the ‘male’ part of a male/female set called “Jensen Plates.” This fixture provides many options, like attachment to a railing mount, column base, and KT Hooks, all of which have been designed and engineered, but are still being prototyped & tested. We’ll introduce them soon on our weekly blog.