Attitude. Attiture is designed to express an attitude – yours.  Our tagline is ‘Furniture with attitude’ and the positive premise of Attiture.  The reversed contraction is, of course, Attiture.  Our attitude is not elitist, but rather, the product of subtlety and quiet confidence, derived from building beautiful, well-crafted furniture.

 Alchemy.  We mix and match metals, finishes, and materials to achieve an incredible product, worthy of either residential or commercial use. From conceptual drawings to deliverable products, our focus has been building component-based furniture that:

  • Provides maximum consumer self-expression
  • Uses interchangeable parts for both economy & flexibility
  • Ships, assembles, and stows easily
  • Has minimal impact on the environment during production and lasts a lifetime
  • Is affordably priced

Environment.  Whenever possible, we utilize recycled and sustainable materials in the production of our tables, chairs, and accessories.  In addition, we utilize recycled paper and other materials for packaging.  We believe that by respecting the environment, we’ll earn yours.

Ownership. Attiture LLC is a privately held, limited liability company, registered in the State of Minnesota, USA.

                  Mail.        Attiture LLC
                                  P.O. Box 50716

                                  Minneapolis, MN 55405-0716

                  Email.     service@attiture.com

 Patenting. Many of Attiture’s designs are unique and patented. We are fortunate to have Chicago-based Leydig, Voit & Mayer engaged in our emerging growth. LVM provides the necessary guidance to protect Attiture LLC from pirating organizations worldwide.  We worked very hard to keep Attiture components simple, durable, and timeless.  Thanks to LVM, and recent changes in international patent laws & treaties, we are well positioned to continue introducing new designs & products.

Community. Much like our environmental concerns, we pride ourselves on helping communities economically by utilizing local designers, suppliers, and manufacturers that respect their employees with livable wages & healthy working conditions. We also support local artists and schools through Originals – our online auction feature going online October 1, 2015.  Community pride makes all a little better, happier, and connected.